• 2 cans of DEFY orange wine next to a glass of wine on an shelf with sculptural art work
  • A DEFY orange wine can upright next to a can on its side on a wooden shelf


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How much wine

4 cans (x 250ml ea) = 1 ⅓ bottles of wine

24 can case (x 250ml ea) = 8 bottles of wine

It’s from Spain, it’s organic and it's wet.

Tastes like orange wine.

If you know, you know. But if you don't then know that orange wine is a natural wine made with white wine grapes. We leave the skins and seeds in contact with all the juice for a lot longer. this gives it an orange colour and a deeper flavour.

If you fancy something a bit different then definitely worth giving it a go.

It's made with organic grapes, no added sulphites or sugar and it's vegan, too.



13% ABV

Made with organic grapes


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Just good f*%king wine in a can – Better for the planet than bottles –