Wine on tap; why kegs are an amazing high-volume way to deliver wine on-trade

For on-trade, kegs are better tan bottles

Wine on tap has a number of benefits and like cans, kegs don't impact the quality of the wine we produce and you serve. They are operationally more efficient and much better for the planet than glass bottles.

Just better for the environment

From size to weight to less materials, kegs are just a hell of a lot better for the planet when it comes to storing and serving wine on-trade in a bar, pub or restaurant.

  • Each 30L kegs holds 40 bottles of wine and 240 servings.
  • One keg saves 20kg of glass, 40 corks, closures and labels, and 2.4kg of cardboard.
  • Transporting the wine in bulk like this reduces CO2 because it's less weight and less space. Less packaging and weight = smaller carbon footprint.
  • Kegs are fully recyclable

Save wine

You don't have to worry about wasting any wine using a keg since they stay fresh for so much longer.

  • No wasting partial bottles that go stale
  • Each glass is as fresh as the last one as you serve.

Better for business

I mean...

  • Better margins on each pour
  • No wasted wine
  • Faster service
  • Simplified logistics
  • Take up less space to store and serve

If you're interested in talking kegs for your location, get in touch.