The operational efficiencies of canned wines in your service areas, or - how cans just f@%king work better

Ops! Ops! Ops! We're all looking for efficiencies, and we've got some for ya.

We've heard from a few of our customers and new accounts we're in talks with who've realised just what cans are able to do for them, when it comes to serving wine.

Less space / less waste

Canned wine takes up a lot less space. For our hotel customers they fit well in minibars in the rooms, don't require bottle openers or even glasses, but they also have found a home in the common drinking areas of the hotels. You can fit a lot more sellable units into a small space, and you don't even need to worry about glasses.

There's also the waste, or rather, there isn't. Because of the small volume in a can (one large glass) they keep you from wasting any wine by over-pouring or just having an open bottle go stale. A few restaurant customers have been buying our cans to serve on-prem to their diners and drinkers without worrying about partial bottles. One place in particular did not have a regular turnover of their red wines, so they were constantly throwing out partial bottles that had gone stale. Since they got our canned wine in, problem solved.