Discover the Perfect Canned Wine and Chocolate Pairing


Wine and chocolate are two of life's great pleasures. When paired together, they can create a sensory experience that tantalizes the taste buds and delights the senses. But with so many options available, it can be challenging to find the perfect pairing. In this article, we will guide you through the process of discovering the perfect canned wine and chocolate pairing.

Understanding Wine

Before we dive into the perfect pairing, it's essential to understand the basics of wine. There are various types of wines, including red, white, rose, and sparkling. Each wine type has its unique taste profile, which can be further categorised by the region, grape variety, and vintage. Knowing these factors will help you identify the best wine for your chocolate pairing. But always remember, taste is subjective, you gotta find what you like and to hell with what anyone else might say.

Understanding Chocolate

Like wine, chocolate has a vast range of flavours and textures. The two primary types of chocolate are dark and milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is known for its rich, intense flavour, while milk chocolate has a sweeter taste. When selecting chocolate for pairing, consider the cacao percentage, which will impact the sweetness and bitterness of the chocolate.

Pairing Wine and Chocolate

When pairing wine and chocolate, the key is to balance the flavours. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect canned wine and chocolate pairing:

Pair Dark Chocolate with Red Wine

The tannins in red wine complement the bitterness of dark chocolate. Choose a full-bodied red wine like Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot for the perfect pairing.

Pair Milk Chocolate with White Wine

The sweetness of milk chocolate pairs well with the fruity notes of white wine. A crisp, dry white wine like Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay will complement the chocolate's sweetness.

Pair Orange Wine with Chocolate

Pairing orange wine with chocolate can be a unique and exciting experience. Orange wine, also known as skin-contact wine, is made by fermenting white grapes with their skins, giving it a distinct flavor profile. The wine has a complex taste that is both tannic and acidic, making it a perfect match for dark chocolate. The bitterness of the chocolate is complemented by the wine's tannins, while the acidity of the wine helps to cut through the richness of the chocolate. When pairing orange wine with chocolate, look for a wine with a higher tannin level, like a Georgian Rkatsiteli or an Italian Ribolla Gialla. Experiment with different percentages of cacao in the chocolate to find the perfect balance of flavors.

Pair Rosé Wine with Chocolate

Pairing rosé wine with chocolate can create a refreshing and surprising flavor combination. Rosé wine is typically made from red grapes, but the skins are removed before fermentation, giving it a lighter color and flavor profile. The lightness of the wine makes it a good match for milk chocolate, as the sweetness of the chocolate complements the wine's fruitiness. When pairing rosé wine with chocolate, look for a wine with a dry, crisp finish, like a French Provence rosé or a Spanish Garnacha rosado. Milk chocolate with a lower percentage of cacao pairs best with rosé wine, as the sweetness of the chocolate balances out the wine's acidity. Enjoy this pairing on a warm summer evening for a light and refreshing dessert.

Pair Sparkling Wine or Wine Spritzers with Chocolate Truffles

The effervescence of sparkling wine pairs well with the creamy texture of chocolate truffles. Look for a Brut or Extra Brut sparkling wine for the perfect pairing. Try making a wine spritzer with sparkling water to get some bubbles and a nice, tasty fizz.


In conclusion, finding the perfect canned wine and chocolate pairing is a fun and rewarding experience. By understanding the basics of wine and chocolate, you can create a pairing that is both delicious and satisfying. Remember to balance the flavours and experiment with different wine and chocolate combinations to find the perfect match.