• Can of DEFY Italian rosé wine; vegan organic and delicious – eco-friendly.
  • Crystal glasses of DEFY Italian rosé wine; vegan organic and delicious next to a marble sink.
  • Can of DEFY Italian rosé wine next to a glass with the bright rosé wine splashing everywhere; vegan organic and delicious – eco-friendly.


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How much wine

4 cans (x 250ml ea) = 1 ⅓ bottles of wine

24 can case (x 250ml ea) = 8 bottles of wine

It’s from Italy, it’s organic and it's wet.

Tastes like rosé wine.

Really good rosé wine, but definitely just rosé wine.

Not summer days, or rose petals or a picnic.

If you pushed us we might say crisp and refreshing.

But we don’t like being pushed around, so let's stick with rosé wine.



13% ABV

Organic (Soil Association Certified)



Free nationwide UK delivery. Delivered straight to your door.

VAT included.


It's worth talking about our rosé wine, especially the colour (because it's beautiful and we love colour). So many rosé wines are pale (and let's be honest, without flavour), but not ours – this rosé is meant to be seen. It is bright, you could say deep, and gorgeous (and f&%king delicious). We make it with our red wine grapes and leave the skins in contact for a lot longer to get this vibrant wine. It's like the orange wine of rosé.


Just in case you're not sure about this – cans because they are 70% less CO2 than bottles!

Plus, it does not effect the taste or the quality of the wine. We spent a long time figuring all this out and we know how to get our delicious vegan wine into a can and it's still gonna taste good when you drink it, even months later.

Just good f*%king wine in a can – Better for the planet than bottles –