DEFY rosé wine, just look at that f&%king colour

So many rosé wines out there are just pale, timid things. We drank so many of them before making ours and sometimes we just walked away thinking, "What did I just drink? Was that even wine?!" Even the flavours were so, subtle, I guess you could say, that they left you wondering what you just drank.


Not ours. Our organic rosé wine is bright and beautiful. A strong flavour that we just call 'CRISP'. I mean, just look at that f&%king colour! This beautiful thing was made to be seen and appreciated. It's unapologetically defiant. To hell with pale, with 'hints of'.


Now it you want to get into it, this is a 'cerasuolo', not a 'provence' rosé. That means the colour is deep red like cherries and not the light stuff that's closer to white wine in colour than anything else. I mean, the name even translates as 'pale cherry red', so...


This is not your stereotypical blush. We don't do that; we do our rosé wine differently. And it's not sweet, either, It has a crisp taste that is a feast for the eyes and the tongue.

The hell with pale rosé; that's not what we're about.

This is defiant rosé.