At DEFY, we're passionate about wine, but we don't believe in all the fuss and pretension that often comes with it. We believe that wine should be enjoyable, straightforward, and accessible to everyone. That's why we've reinvented the traditional wine experience by putting our delicious, organic, and vegan-friendly Italian wines in cans and kegs.

Respect for wine, not it's traditions

We care deeply about wine and its quality, but we've also cut through the complexities and traditions that often make it intimidating or exclusive. Our wine is made from single grape varieties, grown and produced organically, and crafted with care to offer a delicious and authentic taste that anyone can enjoy.

Cans are freedom

Our wine in cans offers a new level of convenience, without sacrificing quality or taste. You can take it anywhere, drink as little or as much as you like, and enjoy it without any fuss or equipment. Plus, our cans are 100% recyclable and have a lower carbon footprint than traditional glass bottles.

We don't need no education

We don't believe in "wine education" or snobbery. We're all about making great wine accessible and enjoyable for everyone. You can trust our organic and vegan-friendly wine to be made with care, and to offer a pure and authentic taste that speaks for itself.


Don't destroy – DEFY, reinvent

We believe in defying the status quo and reinventing the traditional wine experience. Our wine is a rebellion against the elitism and pompousness that often come with the industry, and a celebration of simple, authentic, and enjoyable wine for all. Join us in DEFYing the norms and embracing a new way of enjoying wine.