DEFY and Portion(control) - get YOUR level of drunk

Choice and control

One of the things DEFY gives you back is choice, control. We don’t like to be told what to do or how to enjoy things, so we won’t tell you. Sometimes you may want just a little bit of wine, sometimes you may want a lot. With a can of DEFY wine, it’s all up to you; open one and have two glasses, open more and go for it. Do what you like how you like.

Also, we may want to drink it at home, on the sofa in the sitting room, in our slippers, eye mask on… Or screw it, we might want to take a can outside, sit in the sun and just enjoy the outside light and air.

Don’t tell us how to enjoy things (and we won’t tell you).

A hand, with a small cigar between the fingers, grabbing a glass of white wine, in the sunshine, next to a can of DEFY wine.

Bottle math

We found a lot of people do this, even subconsciously;

  • You want a glass of wine and look at a bottle, but you don’t want the whole thing.
  • It’s a school night (and one again tomorrow) and you’re not sure you’re gonna want a glass again for a few nights.
  • Do you open it and risk the wine going stale?

A bottle lasts for about 4-5 days after you open it, if you’re lucky. If you’re not going to drink it all right there and then, or the next day… you may just be losing the rest of that bottle of wine.

Now you can decide how much you want to enjoy – have a little, have more; you don’t waste it. Two glasses a can means just enough, and there’s always another can.

Get your level of drunk.

Glass of white wine next to a crushed, silver can of DEFY white wine, in a section of sunlight.

This is why we created DEFY.