Canned Wine is not just 'canned wine', it's an RTD: Making Drinking Easier

Canned Wine is not just canned wine, it's an RTD: Making Drinking Easier

Can of DEFY vegan, Organic Italian Red Wine with the wine splashing all over it.

Canned wine is not just about putting wine in a can, it is about making wine fit into your lifestyle and making it more convenient. That is what RTDs (ready to drink) products are all about. No fuss, no messing around, just great wine ready to fit into your lifestyle.

Canned wine is not just about putting wine in a can

You can't escape it. High-quality wine delivered in new formats are here and they're here to stay. And that's just what RTDs are all about. You know what you're buying, when and where you're drinking it and that's what's important. If you're one of the 90 percent of people in the UK who like wine, then you'll want a new product to quench your thirst for great wine with a serious pinch of convenience. That's what canned wine is all about. RTD has created a new category of wine, the one that fits in your life, ready to drink, and delivers a serious pinch of convenience.

What are RTDs?

RTDs or ready-to-drink, are drinks that are ready to go without any prep, mixing, gadgets or fuss. It is one of the reasons RTDs have remained a popular choice for people across the world. When we talk about RTDs, you will often hear people refer to ready-to-drink coffee and/or ready-to-drink soft drinks. What’s the difference between RTDs and canned wine? Canned wine is the same wine that would go in a bottle, but it's in a can so it is ready to go with you, where you want to enjoy it. Pick it up, drink it; ready to drink.

How do RTDs make my life easier?

They are everywhere. You see them everywhere you go in grocery stores and wine shops. People are drinking them all the time. Have you ever been so tired and just need a glass of wine to take the edge off? Having some RTDs on hand means you don't have to mess with corks, cap your bottle or open a bottle, and remember to uncork it before you start drinking. That is a lot of work to open a bottle! What's even better, RTDs are sparkling wine without the hassle of carbonation.