The Convenience of Single Serve Wine with Canned DEFY

Single serve wine has become increasingly popular in recent years. More and more wine drinkers are looking for convenient and portable options that allow them to enjoy wine by the glass, without having to open and re-cork a bottle. This is where canned wine like DEFY shines - it's the perfect solution for single serve wine.

Why Canned Wine is Ideal for Single Servings

Canned wine like DEFY allows you to enjoy high-quality wine in single serve portions. Unlike bottled wine, canned wine is available by the 250ml can - the ideal amount for one glass of wine. This makes it easy to enjoy just a small amount of wine, without any waste.

Once you pop the tab on a canned wine like DEFY, you can pour as much or as little as you want. There's no need to worry about finishing a bottle before the wine goes stale.

With DEFY canned wine, you can enjoy a single glass of wine then save the rest of the can for later. The wine will stay fresh and high-quality for weeks after opening. This is perfect for wine lovers who don't always want to drink a full bottle.

Canned wines are also extremely convenient for taking wine on-the-go, like to the park, beach, or social gatherings. You can toss a can or two of DEFY in your bag without having to worry about glass bottles breaking or wine spilling.

Key Benefits of Canned Wine for Single Servings:

  • Available in 250ml single serve portions
  • Pour as much or as little as you want
  • Portable and durable for on-the-go
  • No need to finish a full bottle

Canned Wine Eliminates Waste

Bottled wine often leads to waste - once you open a bottle, you either need to drink it within a few days or find a way to re-cork it. With leftover bottled wine, oxidation occurs quickly which degrades the quality and flavor. Unfortunately, many of us simply end up pouring leftover wine down the drain.

Canned wine like DEFY completely eliminates this waste issue. Since it comes in single serve portions, you can enjoy one glass without exposing the rest to oxygen..

"I love how with DEFY canned wine, I can enjoy a nice glass of rosé without wasting wine or worrying about preservation. It's so convenient and prevents so much waste compared to bottles."

Enjoy High-Quality Wine in a Single Serving

In the past, finding good quality wine in single serve portions was nearly impossible. Bottled wines provide 750ml servings, much more than needed for one glass.

Thanks to DEFY canned wines, you can now enjoy premium wine that's made for drinking by the glass. DEFY works with respected winemakers to source excellent grapes from top vineyards around the world. Their wines feature complex flavors and aromas you would expect from a quality bottled wine.

DEFY's Quality Single Serve Offerings:

  • Organic Italian Rosé Wine - Notes of strawberry and white flowers
  • Pinot Grigio - Crisp with flavors of citrus and green apple
  • Cabernet Sauvignon - Full-bodied with blackberry and spice notes
  • Chardonnay - Elegant and buttery with oak influences
  • Prosecco - Bright pear and green melon bubbles


DEFY provides all the popular wine colors single serve cans. They focus exclusively on canned wine so have perfected the canning process to maintain freshness and taste.

For wine enthusiasts who appreciate good flavor and aroma, DEFY proves that amazing wine can come in cans. Now you can enjoy a restaurant-worthy glass of wine at home, without having to open a full bottle. DEFY canned wine brings quality wine to single serve.

Enjoy DEFY Wine Anywhere

One of the best parts of DEFY canned wine is that you can enjoy it anywhere - not just at home. Here are some great places to drink DEFY wine straight from the can:

  • Picnics - Pack a cooler with cans of DEFY to sip outside
  • Poolside - No glass bottles allowed! Enjoy DEFY poolside without worries
  • Camping - Lightweight cans are perfect for camping trips
  • Beach - Keep DEFY coolers in your beach bag for an instant wine party
  • Parks - Have a glass of DEFY at an outdoor concert or event
  • Boating - Aluminum cans of DEFY are ideal for boats and yachts

Wherever you bring DEFY canned wine, you can enjoy delicious wine in single servings without the fuss. Share a can with a partner, or pop one open just for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is canned wine lower quality than bottled wine?

Absolutely not! DEFY uses the same premium grapes and winemaking techniques as high-end bottled wine. The wine is just packaged in cans rather than glass bottles.

Does canned wine taste metallic or maintain its flavor?

Not at all. DEFY cans use specialized liners so the wine never touches metal. The flavors and aromas remain intact for weeks after canning.

Is canned wine just for casual drinking?

While the portability of cans makes DEFY perfect for casual events, the wine quality inside makes it great for fine dining as well!

What's the serving size for a can of DEFY?

DEFY cans contain 250ml, the equivalent of about one generous glass of wine. The single serve portions let you enjoy one glass at a time.

Can you bring canned wine on an airplane?

Yes, DEFY's canned wine is perfectly airline compliant for carry-on and checked luggage. Enjoy a glass on the plane or once you arrive!

Canned Wine is the Ideal Single Serve

For wine enthusiasts looking for the ultimate convenience in a single glass pour, look no further than canned wine like DEFY. It's the best solution for enjoying premium wine by the single serving.

Pop the tab and enjoy wine that's fresh, high-quality, and made for sipping by the glass. With DEFY canned wines, you can now appreciate fine wines anywhere, without the waste and hassle of bottles. Discover how delicious quality wine is in a convenient single serve can.