DEFY, not destroy

Defiance is reinvention, not destruction

Wine is amazing, it is beautiful; it is one of our oldest drinks with a long, rich history, but it has become elitist and overly complicated. To hell with that. To hell with snobbery, pompousness and anything else making it difficult to simply enjoy wine.

We are not trying to destroy what the industry and wine culture has built up. They can have theirs and that’s fine. We don't need destruction, we need better. A reinvention of wine that defies what’s come before.

Reinvention, not destruction

We value the quality of the liquid and the product, just not the conventions surrounding it. We want to change those conventions and give you delicious, high quality wine in a simple, straightforward way.

That’s why this is about reinvention. Taking the good things that have come before and being direct and honest.