Natural Wine Varieties

 Italian wine fields

The world of natural wine is marked by a kaleidoscope of flavor profiles that challenge and delight the palate in unexpected ways. Unlike conventional wines, natural wines are often more vibrant and complex, offering a true representation of their origin. The flavours range from profoundly fruity and fresh to earthy and yeasty, often with a notable natural acidity that is a signature of minimal intervention winemaking.

Grape varieties play a pivotal role in these unique profiles. While natural winemakers use a wide range of grapes, some varieties have become synonymous with the natural wine movement. For instance, the Gamay grape, with its light body and pronounced fruitiness, is a favourite among natural winemakers in Beaujolais. Similarly, Chenin Blanc, known for its versatility and exceptional aging potential, is often chosen for natural white wines, especially in the Loire Valley. These grapes, among others, are selected not just for their flavour potential but also for their adaptability to organic and biodynamic farming practices, which are cornerstones of natural wine production.