Organic Rosé Wine


Our refreshing rosé wine; the perfect balance of crispness and flavour. Tastes like delicious soft citrus fruits & tart summer strawberries.

This is a limited edition run of a vibrant, unique rosé which stands up well with any food.

How much is in a can

Each can holds two glasses of wine.



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  • Organic rosé wine
  • From Italy
  • Puglia region
  • Primitivo grape
  • Dry & tart
  • 12.5% alc/vol
  • 2 glasses of wine in every can

From the sun-drenched vineyards of Puglia in Southern Italy where rich, red soil gives nutrients to ancient vines come the Primitivo grapes used to produce this unique rosé. This is not your normal rosé and as soon as you crack open a can and pour it into a glass you will begin to see why. This is bright and bold, in both colour and flavour. We found some rosés were just a bit too soft, a bit too subtle in both taste and colour, so we make this one to stand out. Bright, deep pink in colour, tart in flavour; you will know when you are drinking our limited edition rosé. 100% Primitivo grapes, sustainably sourced from a small, independent Italian producer using organic methods.


Dry, with delicious flavours of soft citrus fruits and tart summer strawberries. A vibrant rosé which stands up well with any food.

Pairs well with

Pairs well with fish, staring out the window at the world & great music.