Rosé that is bright and beautiful

This is rosé wine that is made to be seen, appreciated and loved for what it is.

Our ORGANIC ITALIAN ROSÉ wine stands out because it is not like the other rosés out there most people are used to seeing. We're a little different.

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A glass of DEFY vegan Organic Italian Rosé Wine set next tot he can in the bright sunshine on a white stone table.

Rosé with colour

This is not your traditional rosé. The rosés most people are used to are pale, timid and kinda look like slightly pink water. We want our wine to be seen, so say hello to a cerasuolo.

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A can of DEFY Organic Italian Rosé Wine with a terracotta pink paper label wrapped around the bottom 2/3s and a champagne glass full of the wine balanced on top.
Can of vegan, Organic Italian Rosé Wine being covered in the wine.

It's from Italy, it's organic and it's wet

Drop your preconceptions

Defy tradition, defy conventions.

This is wine done differently. It comes from Abruzzo, Italy, and there, we make cerasuolo, not provence wine. That deep, reddish hue let's you know what you're drinking.

Can of organic Italian rosé wine in the sunlight with leaf shadows.

The flavour is not what you'd expect

From looking at it, the flavour of this wine is not what you'd expect it to be. Crisp is how we like to describe it (to keep things open for you to interpret). It looks sweet to a lot of people, but it's not. Kinda dry(ish), but with some good flavour.

You just have to try it for yourself.

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