Rosé wine

Our rosé wine is not like many others out there. It is tart, crisp, slightly effervescent and really bright in colour. A small, hand-crafted, limited batch of this organic, Italian wine was produced. This is a special treat.

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Glass of rosé wine next to an open a can of wine, in bright light.

The grape

Our rosé wine is made from the Primitivo grape. A deep-coloured, dark purple grape full of intense flavours. Grown in the Italian sun, the only place where this particular grape thrives.

The flavour

Tart, dry, refreshing and a little bit bold. Some rosé wines are soft, subtle and even perfumy; not this one. We produced this wine because we wanted it to stand out. We wanted the flavour to be direct and unassuming. when you drink our rosé, you know it.

Tastes like sweet lemons & tart strawberries.

Sweetness: Dry

Body: Light

Alcohol: 12.5%

Where it comes from

The grapes are grown and the wine is made in Puglia, Southern Italy. Down in the southern-most part of the country, where the soils are deep red and drenched in heavy sunshine.


Organic Rosé Wine
Organic Rosé Wine
Organic Rosé Wine
Organic Rosé Wine

Organic Rosé Wine

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